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October 28, 2012 @ 8:15 am

Come, Oh, Come, Live-Giving Spirit

Hymn of the Day: Come, Oh, Come, Life-Giving Spirit (CW181)

1. Come, O come, life-giving Spirit, God from all eternity;
let your mighty power be in us, cleanse our hearts and make us free;
then will grace and truth and light banish all the gloom of night.

2. Give us wisdom, insight, judgment, guide our thoughts and all we do,
that we may be always seeking only that which pleases you;
let your knowledge spread and grow, and all error overthrow.

3. Holy Spirit, strong and mighty, constant, making all things new,
work in us to make us holy, and the evil one subdue;
give us weapons for the fight, to defeat the powers of night.

4. Guard us, Spirit, keep us faithful; let not Satan, sin, or death
rob us of our trust in Jesus, Lord, protector of our faith.
When we are attacked by doubt, let your strong word drive it out.

5. Lord, when our last hour approaches, then assure us evermore,
as the chosen heirs of heaven, of that joy for us in store,
greater far than tongue can tell; there forever we will dwell.

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