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October 14, 2012 @ 8:25 am

Pentecost 20 - 2012: Sermon

October 14, 2012 - Sermon from Pentecost 20

"How Reverence Can Renew your Relationships"

Ephesians 5:21-6:4 - Rev. Mark C. Wagner

Intro: The more I read Scripture the more I think that our world has gone upside down. God's values and principles for marriage, family and employment seem archaic or simplistic from the world's perspective. But, they work because they're part of the owners instruction manual.

1. Hey, notice that Submission is not a dirty word!

  • What "submission" is not... being a doormat; pollyanna politeness; keeping others from getting ahead.
  • What "submission" is... a position of strength, not weakness; based on commitment; set in motion by sacrifice; filled with honor and respect; flows from the Spirit himself.

App: Christ submitted to his Father, and to us. Without this commitment we could never comprehend what true love and respect are. So in Christ we have both the perfect model and the restorer of our relationships.

2. OK, learn that Reverence will reframe your perspective on life.

  • The Biblical context for reciprocal respect starts with Christ.
  • If you don't have a deep desire to know him, how can you serve each other?
  • Leaders who love like Christ will serve their families well.
  • Children who discover their role will benefit richly.

App: Words written by a never-married apostle make us certain that the Scriptures are indeed inspired by the Holy Spirit. This isn't based on human guesses or experience. It's divine wisdom, from our maker and provider, our Father in heaven.

Conclusion: No one who truly knows and serves the Lord Jesus Christ will persist in being a taker. It is by his own giving that our Savior has proven how love will outlast all other human constructs of society - and the Christian family remains safe because the peace of Christ rules in our hearts (see Col. 3:12-17).

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